Personal Training

The NASM Difference

Certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, our trainer uses the industry's first comprehensive training system based on scientific, evidence-based research, NASM's exclusive Optimum Performance Training (OPT) model is the gold standard when it comes to personal training. Focused on integrated solutions for every fitness level, OPT is the NASM difference.

NASM's OPT model has been extremely successful in helping clients reduce their body fat, increase lean muscle mass and strength, and improve performance and overall health

Our Certified Personal Trainer,


has expanded her education through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is currently a:


  • Corrective Exercise Specialist 

  • Certified Nutrition Coach

  • Weight Loss Specialist 

  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist 

  • Youth Exercise Specialist

  • Senior Fitness Specialist

She is also a Level 1 Coach with Evolution Nutrition!

Sarah is enrolled with the National Academy of Sports Medicine to become a Performance Enhancement Specialist as well!

Sarah uses her combined education as a Licensed Massage Therapist and NPC Bikini Competitor to build wholistic, corrective exercise programs for her clients that deliver REAL RESULTS.

When it comes to your personal training,

don't settle for less than the best.    

Private Personal Training Session

These sessions are all about you and your needs. Most workouts focus on full-body, functionally based strength training, but also include pre- and post-stretching and core stability work. This private setting allows you and your trainer to focus each workout on your specific goals and needs. Increased direct communication between you and your trainer in these private sessions allows for issues of injuries, nutrition, stress, etc., to be discussed and worked on. The greatest results for the improved overall health of our clients come from our singular, private training sessions, which last approximately one hour.


Initial Consultation and Evaluation:

90-120 minutes: $100

Required for all new clients: virtual and in-person

Virtual Training Program

  One Month Program:

  • 4 Weekly Check-ins Via Email/Text/Messenger

  • 2 Virtual Form Check Consultations

  • 1 Custom Foam Roll Video

  • 1 Custom Stretching Video

  • 1 Custom Corrective Exercise Video

  • 1 Custom Resistance/Strength Training Video

  • 1 Custom 7 Day Meal Plan

  • Access to Personal Online Calorie/Meal/Exercise Log


              RATE: $200


Live Training Program

  One Month Program:

  • 8 Hour Training Sessions In Office: 2 Sessions Per Week

  • 1 Custom Foam Roll Program (covered Day 1)

  • 1 Custom Stretching Program (covered Day 1)

  • 1 Custom Corrective Program (covered Day 1/2)

  • 1 Custom Resistance/Strength Training Program (covered Day 2)

  • 1 Custom 7 Day Meal Plan

  • Access to Personal Online Calorie/Meal/Exercise Log


   Your first two sessions will be about learning your programs and preparing your body to increase intensity throughout the month. We will be working from the same program with adjustments as needed as you progress. You will be expected to do Foam Rolling, Stretching, Core & Balance outside the office. Failure to to your "fitness homework" will result in slower progress toward your goal and cause unnecessary repetitions in our one-on-one sessions. Sessions will be scheduled for the month at consultation appointment to keep consistency and avoid scheduling conflicts.

This can seem a bit intimidating, but I promise you can do this. The program is custom designed to your body and your fitness level with your lifestyle in mind. It will be made to fit you; not you have to fit to it. We will discuss how you can be successful with your program during our consultation. I look forward to working with you!

                 RATE: $300



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