To say visits to the office will be different is an understatement. Please read through the new procedures that will be in place at your next session.


  1.  Please REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE until the office door is opened for you. I will open the door and wave for you to approach. 

  2. Please make sure you are wearing your mask if you are comfortable wearing one, and leave any unnecessary personal items in your vehicle (cell phone, purse, food/drink etc.) Please only carry in what you need. (Credit card, cash, etc.)

  3. Stop at the entry way to receive hand sanitizer and to get your temperature checked with the non-contact thermometer. 

  4. I will guide you back to the treatment room. You are welcome to look around at the renovated space. I am excited for you to see the remodel!

  5. The chair in the corner of the room has been covered in vinyl and is designated for you to sit on during intake questions. I will be sitting 6' away on my stool to talk to you about the reason for your visit.

  6. During your session and your entire visit, please continue to wear your mask if it does not pose a risk to you. While you are face down, you may remove your mask and I will have a cloth drape set up in the face cradle to catch emissions; which will be loose below your face creating a pocket below and should not be uncomfortable to you. 

  7. You will place all articles of clothing on the vinyl covered chair.

  8. Please keep shoes on the plastic runners on the floor when you remove them and walk on the runners to and from the restroom and the table.

  9. I love talking to each of you who prefer to chat during our sessions, but we need to limit this for now. I will be doing pre-screening calls before your sessions so we can catch up safely.

  10. After your session and you are redressed, please sit in the vinyl chair and call me to re-enter so I can come in and accept payment. My office is now inside the closet in the room. I will have a plastic protector between us while we rebook and process your payment.


Please bring exact change. I do not feel comfortable handling money in that manner at this time.


Please read off your numbers to me from your chair and I will type them into my payment processor.


Please have them filled out prior to your visit.


I have gone above and beyond guidelines set forth by the KY Board of Massage for your protection while in my office. Here is a list of items purchased and new processes I have put into place to ensure the safety of my clients and limit transmission.

  • Medical Grade Air Purifier: The Medify Air MA-25 uses 3 levels of filtration to catch and remove allergens, pet dander, and more. The high-efficiency H13 TRUE HEPA filter is tested to removed 99.97% of particles down to 0.1 microns. This medical-grade filter easily catches pollen, dust mites, and other tiny airborne particles you can’t see. Substantial carbon filter with carbon pellets remove toxic odors, smoke, and formaldehyde. Cleans a room up to 1,000 sq ft in one hour, 500 sq ft in 30 minutes. My office is 800sqft. 

  • Extended Time Between Appointments: I will move from a 30 minute window to an hour window between sessions to allow for thorough cleaning of the entire office space and to allow for air purification.

  • Vinyl Coverings On Surfaces: I have installed a vinyl cover for the cloth chair in the treatment room and will have a new vinyl table cover under the sheet on top of the table pads, keeping you comfy, safe and warm. 

  • Hospital Grade Disinfectant: Household cleaners and Clorox wipes are not recommended for use. I have purchased a large supply of proper, approved disinfectant to use to clean the office. After each session, I will wipe down all surfaces, chair, table, door knobs, switches, floor mats, restrooms, EVERY SINGLE THING with this disinfectant including my lotion bottle and any supplies I touch during sessions

  • Use of PPE: I have surgical masks that I will wear during each session and will be changed in-between each of you. I have purchased medical scrubs to wear as a uniform. I have gloves in stock, but will not be wearing them during your session unless performing a facial massage. The gloves will be used when I am disinfecting and cleaning the office or if I have a cut on my hand.

  • Plastic Floor Coverings: I have purchased a couple of plastic floor runners to protect you from the carpet in the treatment room. I will be cleaning these between sessions and ask that you only walk on them while you're in the room, so I can properly disinfect the floor after your session. 

  • Cloth Face Masks: I will have clean, cloth masks available to you for use in the office in case you do not have one of your own. You will not be refused services if you are not wearing a mask. I have a little set up with a towel dipped down to make a pocket in the face cradle to catch emissions when you are face down and not wearing your mask. This towel will also be changed in between each client the same as all bedding/sheets/etc. The towel will not be taught up around your face and should not in any way, impair your breathing.                        **** State Regulations: Massage therapy businesses should ensure clients and other visitors (e.g., suppliers and vendors) wear face masks while on the premises unless doing so would present a serious risk to their health or safety or they will remain more than six (6) feet away from anyone else at all times. Massage therapy businesses should make masks available for clients; however, clients may bring and utilize their own face mask if they wish. Massage therapy businesses should consider asking clients to keep the mask on at all times other than while in the prone position on the table. If clients, suppliers or vendors refuse to wear masks, the massage therapy business may, at their discretion, refuse those individuals entrance.

  • Trash Can With Lid: I have purchased a new bathroom trash can that has a lid and is easily opened via foot pedal. This is to protect the air from contaminants in the garbage and to prevent you from having to touch the dirty can.

  • No Contact Thermometer: I will be using a Digital Infrared Forehead Non-Contact Thermometer when each client arrives. Anyone with a temperature above 99 degrees will be asked to reschedule. 

  • Hand Washing & Sanitizer: As you know, I've always been an avid hand washer, so that process will remain the same. I will have hand sanitizer available for clients at all times and will require it be used by clients upon entry to the office and after restroom use. 

  • Sheets and Blankets: With warmer weather ahead I feel that continuing using only a sheet is the best way to keep everyone safe and comfortable. I am not opposed to you bringing in your own CLEAN throw blanket for me to use during your session if you feel you would not be comfortable without one. You will need to bring your blanket in a sealed bag. The table will be heated unless you request otherwise. As always, sheets and linens will be changed with each session and later washed thoroughly.

  • Linen Storage and Transport: All linens will be transported via a sealed bag into the office. I will only bring in what I need daily and keep them in the sealed bag until ready for use. All dirty linens will be kept in a separate, sealed bag and transported from the office to the laundry for washing.

  • Plastic Divider: My office has been remodeled and my "front desk area" has been moved into my treatment room closet space. I have installed a plastic curtain divider that I will sit behind while accepting payment and booking your next appointment. I'll be cleaning this divider between sessions as well.

  • Daily Temperature Checks: I will conduct daily temperature checks on myself and will reschedule appointments if over 99 degrees. 

  • Limiting Physical Contact: I will no longer accept or give out hugs or hand shakes as much as it breaks my hugging little heart. Hopefully one day we will be able to hug and shake hands again, but for now just know I care about you and air hugs will have to suffice.

  • Maintaining a Socially Distant Lifestyle: My exposure to others will continue to be limited in order to keep track of those I expose and those who could expose me in case of an infection. I currently only do online shopping and/or pick up options and intend to keep to this pattern. I will continue to refrain from social events as well.

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